Gear shaft coupling
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GearShaft coupling

Development is improved and rousing form tine shaft coupling is become from shaft coupling of straight tine type, by two the tine outside bosomy form covers the tine inside as straight as a pair tine to age the spare parts such as the circle is comprised. Lean inside, the clench the teeth that ages outside delivers torsion, the axes of the ring gear of the straight tooth that the tine outside connecting bosomy form covers swings (weigh horn to displacement) the opposite deflection that will compensate two transmission shaft lines. The beat of tine long way is spent bigger, its horn is jumped over to displacement big, can amount to 6 degrees most, use commonly recommend 1.5-3 (example product presses 1.3 designs) . Age the beat of long way is spent, make a tooth-like part of anything better to contacting a circumstance, because this rouses shaft coupling of form tine type,have transmission capacity big, angular displacement big, drive tall, life grows smooth, efficiency wait for an advantage. Use extensively at metallurgy machinery, heavy-duty, mine is mechanical, have the drive such as heavy, carriage machinery.