Characteristic of various shaft coupling reachs use situation
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Rigid shaft coupling: Rigid shaft coupling has taller tigidity.
Stretch shaft coupling: Stretch shaft coupling has taller tigidity, can admit bigger mounting error namely.
Miniature shaft coupling: Miniature shaft coupling has minor volume, have certain tigidity and flexibility at the same time, applicable fetterses at accurate micro computer circumstance.
Clutch: Clutch is a kind of device that is used at transmission departs and be being sucked to close, cent is a variety of types such as electromagnetism clutch, pneumatic clutch, applied range is quite wide.
Pneumatic clutch: Pneumatic clutch is make with atmospheric pressure depart and suck join pilot a kind of clutch, applied range is relatively wide.
Electromagnetism clutch: Electromagnetism clutch is a kind of circumgyrate force drive side conveys the connector of driven side, can leave according to needing to free copy connects or be cut.
Magnetic particle clutch: Clutch of electromagnetism magnetic particle is regard transmission as medium with magnetic particle, implementation tension controls the clutch that waits for a function.
Entrance clutch: Brand of a lot of entrance.
The tooth embeds clutch: Because its are sucked,the tooth embeds clutch add up to a face to get a name for dental appearance, its have the characteristic such as minor volume big torque, call electromagnetism tine type clutch again.
Surmount clutch: Surmount clutch to weigh one-way bearing, one-way clutch again, go against stop implement, applied range is relatively wide.
Electromagnetism brake implement: Electromagnetism brake implement call electromagnetism brake again, use at controlling whirligig to stop fixed position, urgently.
Japanese clutch: The main brand of Japanese clutch has small storehouse SHINKO of steel of OGURA, god.
German clutch: The main brand of German clutch has Lun Ci LENZE, KEB to wait.
Servo shaft coupling: Special shaft coupling basically uses servo at servo electric machinery and pace to take electric machinery tube-shaped part peripheral equipment (like ball guide screw) coupling.
Coder shaft coupling: Coder shaft coupling basically is used at coupling coder and peripheral equipment, transmit speed signal well and truly.
Project machine shaft coupling: Mechanical shaft coupling basically installs the project to be mixed in engine between hydraulic pump, need has very big suction shake function, basically be shaft coupling of rubber tree fat.
Bedspring shaft coupling: Bedspring shaft coupling has the appearance structure of metallic bedspring shape, have very good flexibility.
Gimbal: Gimbal weighs versatile shaft coupling again, branch is average model with nicety model two kinds, among them latter has sliding bearing and needle bearing two kinds of structures.
Shaft coupling of printing machine instrument: A lot of shaft coupling and clutch apply on printing machine instrument, as a result of its characteristic, ask afore-mentioned products must have particular precision demand.
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