Rouse the research of shaft coupling of type of form tine tine and application
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Bosomy form ages shaft coupling has following characteristics:
1) , compensation performance is good. As a result of outside tine axle sleeve ages for bosomy form, inside and outside can avoid to age edges and corners is contacted when shaft coupling works, allow angular displacement of two axes axes ± 1.5º , it is when angular displacement when 2 ~ 3º also can reliable job. Recommend commonly allow ˊ of 2º30 of ~ of ˊ of angular displacement 1º30;
2) , can bear burden and concussion load, 15 ~ rise than carrying capacity of straight tine shaft coupling below circumstance of identical angular displacement 20% ;
3) , efficiency is tall, can amount to 0.99;
4) , sealing is good, use reliable, assemble and unassemble, safeguard convenient;
Bosomy form ages shaft coupling and shaft coupling of straight tine type are compared, over all dimension is small, carrying capacity is large, work below high speed reliable. Apply to each industry such as smelt, steel rolling, heavy machinery, turbine, petro-chemical course of study, shipping.
Coupling bilges set -- bilge close coupling is covered is current world component of a kind of when go up to apply extensively at heavy load to issue mechanical connection advanced foundation. In the connection of hub and axis, it is to rely on to screw high strenth bolt makes include a kind of when pressure of the generation between the face and attrition force will deliver load coupling device that do not have key. It is the connection method of a kind of economy, efficient, first selection, model has the whole set such as Z1, Z2, Z3, Z4, Z5, Z6, Z7, Z8, Z9, Z10~z20 to offer money seasonable, the price is reasonable.
Shaft coupling of bosomy form tine applies extensively at metallurgy, chemical industry, presswork, water pump, fan, carry wait for mechanical domain, export far east and southeast Asia area.