Application of shaft coupling of universal of cross axle type and improve
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Analysis of invalidation of 1. shaft coupling and improve
Receive an axis to use Swz bearing formerly type cross axle type universal shaft coupling, roller of job of 4 roller rolling mill is the smallest the diameter is 730mm, receive axial roller side and cross of electric machinery side actually to wrap circumgyrate diameter to all be 710 Mm. This versatile carrying capacity that receive an axis has 1225kn.m only, deserve to use under rolling mill design greatly advocate transmission universal receives bearing to carry ability.
Bearing bolt ruptures is the commonnest invalidation form, bearing add up to bolt norms small, fight cut tension capacity small; Receive axial forked head to stop additionally an osculatory area is small, stop to the mouth injures generation gap easily and expand ceaselessly. Bearing stop buccal existence clearance is the main reason that causes the bolt that receive an axis to get concussion pulling force, also be the main reason that causes bolt to rupture.
The bolt in designing roller side cross to wrap formerly and cross axle fail to make full use of the space inside crossed bag, cross axle diameter is 177.1mm only, bearing high strenth bolt is M68, assembly carrying capacity is insufficient.
As a result of forked head, bearing size is larger, form is complex, exterior treatment and heat treatment quality are controlled very hard. Bearing, surface roughness of surface of treatment of chance of part of round part of ministry of forked head root and blueprint polish requirement differ very far, treatment surface is put in microcosmic crackle, ministry of the root in heat treatment process transfers stress of remains of round part part is taller, form crackle extremely easily.
2 improve measure
Through increasing bearing bolt norms, roller side increases M72 by M68, m76 increases again after, electric machinery side increases M95, raised bolt to fight cut tension capacity. Improve stop buccal dimension, add tall deliver key, increase bear the weight of osculatory area, reduce stop the gap that buccal face injury produces, improvement reduces bolt to get concussion case, improve bolt life.
After taking above step, versatile shaft coupling from 1996 the bottom begins to use, inside nearly 3 years of time, transmission receives an axis to produce an accident 7 cases in all, , break bolt accident 4 cases among them (the accident that be inscribed questioningly because of bolt material and produces 2) , spline covers craze 1 case, forked head craze 1, cross axle ball breaks 1 case. And before transforming 1996, break bolt accident only many 20, the transforms factory of medium plate of the steel that it is aid to produce a standard year after year that receives an axis consequently rises offerred assure.
The application of 3 new-style shaft coupling
Bearing of 3.1 new-style Swz the application of type shaft coupling
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