How to install and use the diaphragm coupling
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Diaphragm coupling installation method: 1. Installation should first check the original motivation and work machine is concentric two axes, two axes have wrapping paper and bumps surface, coupling the two coupling halves whether there is debris inside the hole, the hole edge if bumps, if any, should shaft coupling half clean, handle the bumps with a fine file. Then check the hole two and a half coupling is the same diameter and length of the original motivation, job machine diameter and shaft length of the size of match. General selection, so that the original motivation and work-side half-shaft coupling length is less than its length 10 - 30mm as well. 2. For ease of installation, it is best placed in the two coupling halves 120 - 150 of insulation to warm up in the box or tank, make up a large inner hole size easily installed. After installation to ensure shaft is not protruding end of coupling half in order to flush as well. Detect the distance between the two half-coupling: coupling half along the inside of the two flanges measured 3 - 4 points readings averaged, and the longer segment and the two set of measured dimensions and diaphragm Both error control in 0-0.4mm range. 3. Alignment: Using dial indicator to detect the two semi-cylindrical coupling flange face and the beating, when the cylindrical flange when the beat value is less than 250mm should be less than 0.05mm; when a large cylindrical flange at 250mm, the beat value should not exceed 0.08. 4. Mounting bolt: the bolt hole from the outside penetration flange, flange from another large hole piercing put on the outside of the buffer sets, spring washers, twisting the nut, the nut with a wrench to tighten. Such as installation or removal does not change, nor damage associated shaft and a half, press Figures 3 to 7 for the tool and install it. After installation, turn freely without other fresh as well. 5. Operative Notes: The boot device should be preceded by checking whether the coupling nut loose or fall off, if in time to tighten the nut with the wrench. Boot device should be unloaded after 1 minute load pipeline valve open; down in reverse order. (Please monthly brushing again with oil outside the coupling). Import pump valve 6, proved that the instructions and requirements such as installation, maintenance, operation, diaphragm coupling the daily number of starts in the 1 - 5 times the life of the diaphragm at least 5 years. If the requirements do not follow the instructions installation, maintenance, operation, especially in the direction of loading the wrong bolt deformation of the diaphragm or the original motivation and job opportunities over the two-axis axis offset damage to the city ahead of the diaphragm.