Smooth coupling allows you to use more peace of mind
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Coupling is used to join different organizations of the two axis (axis and slave axis) so as to transfer torque common rotating mechanical parts. Overloaded power transmission at high speed, some coupling still buffering, vibration and enhance the role of dynamic performance shaft. Coupling consists of two half parts, each with the driving shaft and driven shaft connection. Smooth coupling can greatly enhance enterprise efficiency in the work, so companies save procurement costs are several recommendations for you Xiaobian smooth coupling. Product Theme: Coupling Products: Shanghai Music trillion Transmission Products Co., Ltd. Features: Simple structure, stable performance, smooth three-part structure, easy to install and maintain. Hub with a variety of materials and elastomers to choose from, can ensure stable operation under a variety of environments. Hub with curved claw and elastic involute arc matched to avoid stress concentration, effective transmission of higher torque, more wear-resistant and last longer. Features: no lubrication and routine maintenance; without having to remove the coupling state can be detected; In addition, equipment operation process, the use of strobe light can be checked against the diaphragm; torsion stiffness, zero turn; If the installation of an accurate , the coupling will not damage the life, infinite life long; no wear parts, but for a variety of harsh environmental conditions; if the offset error in a limited range, the coupling will have the same long-life equipment; design of ultra-safe operation of torque, peak torque is 2 times the rated torque. Product Features: Multi-patent coronary drum gear (VARI-CROWN) design, can effectively extend the life of the coupling; have lengthened segment, special machines hub, sliding, free side constraints, and the rigid hub a variety of special design to meet various application requirements.