How the motor pulley or coupling disassembly
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Dismantling the motor pulley or coupling method: 1, demolition, and the first shaft pulley or coupling between the good marks, tighten screws and bolts factory, and then slowly pull out with. If the pull-no, you can pour point of kerosene, including hole and then pull. If you still can not pull , Available emergency fire around the pulley or coupling rapid heating, while wrap-axis with a damp cloth and keep cold water to prevent heat passing motor interior. 2, assembly. First with fine emery cloth to iron shaft, pulley, or coupling of the shaft hole sand smooth, the sets of pulleys or couplings aligned keyway on the shaft, with wrought iron or hard wood in the key pad at one end and gently tap the button into the tank. Key In the tank to an appropriate degree, too tight or too loose will hurt and hurt key slot, the belt is too loose will slip, or vibration.