Primary coupling gear grease lubrication conditions
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Coupling a double tooth, the first single tooth, jaw type, spring type, disc springs, Oldham type and other types of roller chain. Because of the different types, some with oil lubrication, and some grease lubrication. Steel rolling Steel is the owner Oldham coupling universal coupling, this coupling is an indispensable component rolling equipment, working conditions extremely harsh. Semi-circular copper block will be linked severe shock load and extreme pressure getting off work For (link in the deflection angle is often greater than 120), so the surface of the slide plane and the Arc will have serious wear and tear. In addition, the coupling is also subject to dust, iron scale, leaching of water and high temperature attack. Clearly, in such harsh Working conditions, good lubrication is very important. Rolling mill with the grease coupling slider, there are extreme pressure lithium grease (including semi-fluid extreme pressure grease), graphite, and calcium-based grease calendar Machine grease and so on. Where there are special requirements, should be used for special grease. In tandem rolling mill spindle couplings, in general, use the sliding type and gear type, are common in the lubrication, the use of lithium grease or. MOS, as the main anti-friction agent, can get the effect of reducing friction. Meanwhile, in order to improve the adhesion of grease coupling, pressure to send sex, Timken OK value, the amount of iron powder to reduce friction and improve operations and extend the Gears of life, can also use a special calcium-based grease. In addition, flexible and gear couplings, some are lubricated with grease. That is, when the coupling of work, you can squeeze into and are due to grease lubrication. The assembly is coated with grease, to ensure adequate lubrication of the internal . High-speed devices used in the grease, you must ensure that the role of the centrifugal force is not separation of oil soap, or reduce the lubricating effect of oil spill couplings. At the same time requires more than performance, that is to have heat resistance, and work at low temperatures have Shiyou A certain degree of cold tolerance. Spring coupling lubrication, most grease applications. When assembled, the grease must fill the grid between slides, wrap it really drain fat. Work to be periodic examinations, fillings, grease is generally used very Pressure lithium based grease. Flexible pin coupling and chain coupling, the general is the use of extreme pressure lithium based grease. Universal primary coupling grease lubrication is used, in the case of non-stop, it can often add fat, a good general requirements for water resistance, Strong adhesion properties of grease products.