Shaft coupling function experiments
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Exit is new power of growth of industry of machinery of our country project. Our country mechanical industry has cost advantage, in in low end has good sexual value to compare on the product, have very strong competition ability in the world. Since last year, entrance of machine of our country project keeps smooth, export increases considerably. Be versed in according to Chinese project machine trade association statistic, project machine accumulative total will export 1 ~ in May 2008 1 billion dollar, grow 77.6 % compared to the same period, exporting a product basically is grab of elevator, pedrail and fork-lift truck. Seek advice from the investigation of the company according to British project machine, chinese product on the international market have rate for 14.6 % , do not include Chinese market have rate it is 1.56 % only, the space that this makes clear to the industry exports the project machine of our country is very large. Among them, experiment of burn of surface of the shaft coupling internal diameter that shaft coupling factory produces Shuang Kai of city of Zhejiang kind brook, job, dustproof function is unqualified, the shaft coupling of deep trench ball that limited company of bearing of Jiangsu Zhenjiang China favour produces is working surface burn, dustproof function experiment is unqualified. Be aimed at the main quality problem that in selectiving examination, discovers, total bureau of national qualitative check already enjoined technology of each district quality supervises a branch to wait for the regulation of concerned law laws and regulations strictly according to product quality standard, right the enterprise of off quality of the product in selectiving examination undertakes handling lawfully, deadline is rectified and reform.