The development of shaft coupling technology
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Criterion numeral of our country shaft coupling is measured far over abroad industry is advanced country, because they are much,appear in order to produce the form of manufacturer example, reason is less formulate country or occupation standard. And the technical level of shaft coupling, no matter be structural type or technical parameter and function index, great majority reachs the level of foreign congener product. But from the product treatment precision, quality and service life photograph are compared, difference is very big, some can be achieved only on century 80 age level. In recent years transmission binds a technology and applied development trend have the following: It is with lead plane, laden integration analysis and form a complete set. Be like drive of motivation of project machine, car, shipping, need transmission to bind character and engine and laden physical characteristic undertake systems analysis, undertake transmission binds thereby optimal choice. 2 it is pair of transmission coupling what quality asks is ceaseless rise, this is right raw material, treatment and ship-fitter art, the process of the product and the demand that examine finally rise greatly.