The exit case of shaft coupling is not good
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The imports and exports of shaft coupling product, look from current condition, the entrance is more than exit far. The exit case of shaft coupling is not good, had not formed certain batch, only a few the product exports nation of southeast Asia and other Africa minority. Export together along with lead plane among them partly, and another part is alone exit. Of the technical level as our country shaft coupling and product quality rise ceaselessly and the advantage on the price, its export a quantity to will be sure meeting year after year increases, achieve certain batch, obtain very good economic benefits. Additional the normal movement to assure equipment, unapt influence is produced, as machine parts or tools kept in reserve spare parts also imported one part. But as a result of homebred those who change a standard is ceaseless rise, the import quantity that machine parts or tools kept in reserve spares parts also is decreasing ceaselessly, already came true for the most part homebred change. Although homebred the product quality that change still exists certain difference, service life also has 2/3 of the entrance only, but its price differs truly several times, but managing not little foreign currency, considering to return from economy as a whole is feasible.