In recent years industry of our country shaft coupling got swift and violent dev
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In recent years, industry of our country shaft coupling got swift and violent development, tasted respect of capacity of level of quality, class, technology, own development or economic gross to have very great progress than no matter be in,be being produced before, economic dimensions gross rises considerably, effect sees at the beginning of industrial structural adjustment, product technology level rises steadily, ability of innovation of science and technology increases significantly, but with abroad photograph of person of the same trade is compared, enterprise dimensions not strong, product spends not big, actual strength centrally the weak point with quality of low, product and development weak capacity or quite apparent. Shaft coupling of tooth form flexibility is current inside newest product of home, had been used widely in abroad, this product by machinery appoint Jinan casts institute of forging press instrument to design, apply to the flexibility drive that reachs between the axis, allow bigger axial radial deflection and angular displacement, and have a structure simple, maintenance is convenient, tear open install easy, noise small, service life grows loss of effect of low, drive wait for advantage, times benefit from door welcome. Axial pass type has cylindrical (Y) , conic form (Z) and short cylindrical (J) . Axial aperture and keyway press national level GB3852-83 " shaft coupling axis form of Kong Hejian chamfer and dimension " formulary treatment. Working temperature is - 70 ℃ of 20 ~ . Half shaft coupling uses nicety to cast, Ⅱ of ZG35 of cast-iron HT20-40, cast steel, axial aperture and keyway are used pull make shape, inside coat of elastomer of tooth form shaft coupling can use a requirement to choose balata of all sorts of fat of hardness synthetic rubber according to the user; Enhance the material such as elastomer of casting mould nylon. It is those who satisfy all sorts of machinery to be transformed newlier reach need of imported equipment spare parts, my company can provide breed specification all ready inside shaft coupling of tooth form flexibility, can need to accept according to the user nonstandard order goods. Additional, in bearing production process, the influence that the element such as the precision of equipment fittings, cooling effect that grinds provided hardness and granuality, cooling lubricating fluid tastes quality to producing is very outstanding also. To raise the treatment precision of bearing product, enhance cooling result, the emery wheel in reducing bearing to machine a process (oilstone) the burn to workpiece, promote a product quality, also need equipment fittings treatment, grind make and of company of production of cooling lubricating fluid cooperate. Bearing industry got remittent support only, plus the development of oneself, just rise formidably truly likely, the price of escape suicide type competes, have dispute with foreign brand product.

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