The composition of magnetic shaft coupling
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Pump is spring kind lead plane of machinery of main irrigation and drainage is water pump. Water pump can malfunction in the hard to avoid in moving and attaint as a result cannot normal pump water. Because this is opposite,the water pump with undesirable pump water must undertake in time maintain and be adjustmented. This kind of product applies extensively at chemical industry, eletroplate, on the sealed drive machinery of the industry such as papermaking, pharmacy, food, vacuum. Magnetic shaft coupling basically covers composition by external rotor, internal rotor and segregation.
(Before 1) fan fan is started, should adjust fan entrance air door rigor is shut, operate by accident in case, take load to start. (2) checks sleeve bear lubricant oil level is cooling circumstance of conduit water supply, shaft coupling Kong Men of whether in good condition, overhaul closes. (It is normal that 3) notices the time that start and sky carry electricity. (After 4) ammeter directive restores to carry electricity for nothing, adjustable air door leaves degree in proper place. (Accident of wind of 5) examination fan should be not had all right unusual.
Filling overheat. Because filling pressing gets too close cooling water,do not enter more inside filling or axial surface attaint. Can adopt loosen filling appropriately, clear seal a canal to jam. Filling wears away must change new. Before filling is installed, should soak inside engine oil chase a circle to load cut to want to stagger can decrease so slack. Degree of tightness of the readjust when impaction gland wanting to run after last filling has been installed is spent. Water pump is acuteness shake. The likelihood is dynamoelectric rotor lopsided or shaft coupling union is undesirable bearing wears away bend; The spare parts that also may be rotational part becomes loose, burst; Returning a likelihood is pipeline bracket not firm wait for a reason. Can adopt respectively adjust, repair, consolidate, alignment, change wait for method processing. Of impeller disassemble with repair. Impeller blades is had by the influence surface such as batter or be deceived corrode dot of a lot of hemp, should change or plating hard alloy. Wear away not quite when also can undertake irrigating filling. When disassembling, secure impeller and pump shaft first, loose screw cap or gearing connect screw, come back again move thimble screw, pull gearing gradually. Tear open the axis a pump case next, tear open next impeller to send repair repair in shop to manage. Of pump shaft blemish repair. Pump shaft bends to because suffer concussion bear, leather belt,be pulled too close or installation is incorrectly more etc cause. If be bent not badly, usable hand moves screw correctional implement correctional, but cannot pass forcibly fierce. When be like pump shaft break or be being torn open, can adopt solder to fill, solder or forge is received, again classics temper, turning is abrade can.
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