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Swedish Skf company only then built 1907, rolling bearing business domain is the supplier with banner whole world, by right of its the 100 experience that will in Wu of kimono of unifinication of bearing and bearing unit, weather strip, lubricant system, Electromechanical wait for 5 big platform for years are mixed professional skill, skf already developed become a knowledge company. 2007, skf year sale exceeds Ke Lang of 58.5 billion Sweden.
And Peele is a headquarters the private bearing industry that is located in the United States, the main product that this company produces is deep trench ball bearing (Dgbb) with tapered roller bearing (Trb) , the product basically sells market of past North America. This company sale is close 2007 100 million dollar, existing employee makes an appointment with 1400. The new prosperous that this Skf buys Peele's factory to be located in Chinese Zhejiang respectively and the root of antipyretic dichroa, and the Luo Yong of Thailand. Limited company of bearing of Er of skin of Zhejiang new prosperous is the United States investment of Peele bearing limited company accuses Chinese-foreign joint venture, held water 1995. Existing employee more than 1000, year sell 3000 much dollars. Er of new prosperous skin basically is produced of all kinds the bearing of special blame mark such as ball bearing of contact of horn of ball bearing of deep trench ball bearing, spherical outside surface, biserial, car and agriculture machinery shaft coupling, apply at the industry such as machinery of electric machinery, electric home appliances