Shaft coupling transmits power through be linked together the one aspect of the
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The designs software in 2 dimension, three-dimensional digitlization world leader that Ou Teke company is industry of entertainment of industry of industry of manufacturing industry, project, geographical information and medium. From 1982 AutoCAD software is pushed formally to the market, ou Teke already ground in the light of the most extensive application field give out a variety of advanced digital prototype solutions, help user experiences his originality before designing translate into finished product. " fortune " the initial stage that the software tool of Ou Teke of before pop chart ranks 1000 company general have the aid of is designing undertakes originality visible processing, be in real world to its medium property performance undertakes imitate and analysis, save time and cost thereby, improve quality and promote innovation.

However wind report development also is facing a lot of difficulty, wind-force generates electricity equipment must run above 20 years reliably below requirement outdoors condition, still need to endure all sorts of extreme soup and very complex wind-force to hand in change load test, generate electricity to wind-force the quality demand of equipment product is extremely high. Wind-force of past our country generates electricity equipment counts an import for a long time, be changed by serious brim like shaft coupling and so on especially complementary complete repulsion is besides equipment of phone of whole set wind. Shaft coupling transmits power through be linked together the one aspect of the matter of two axes, begin from 17 centuries metaphase, the engineer can be designed with respect to the hope wait for motivation from an axis fast transmit another axis and do not pass any bearinging the shaft coupling of sliding surface. Company of Thompson shaft coupling is the production enterprise that comes to a home 400 years to achieve this goal.