With digital means visible, emulate and analyse shaft coupling to design data
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Belt of the V that wrap cloth produces a component to prepare to include cotton rope to hang glue, piece piece, compress glue crowded piece, fabric dividing, here basically talks about cotton rope to register glue issue. Although cotton rope has been entered online rope manufactory passes impregnation agglutinate processing before the factory, but reach the agglutinate power with balata to raise cotton rope and sizing material affinity further, want to undertake glue is handled hanging before discharging a line commonly. Regard a number as the foundation of prototype, inventor series product supports Thompson to be before put into production, with digital means visible, emulate and analyse shaft coupling to design data, simplify with this the product develops technological process, great shorten appear on the market time. David Farrell of chief inspector of Thompson company project speaks of: The fast design ability of “Autodesk Inventor is very remarkable, it lets us can be the client in car, aviation and industrial machine market quickly custom-built design Thompson shaft coupling. Commercialize as the product reach overall put into production, inventor will continue to do in products plan and test perform important role. ” hangs glue processing to have two kinds: It is soaking paste processing, namely the rubber cement in the soaking paste chamfer that cotton rope passes soaking paste opportunity undertakes exterior macerate. The Lan Xi of the East China Sea that do not have stannum of our country of machine of this soaking paste and carry on promote the unit such as courser to all have production. This machine uses electronic timing reciprocate of linear electric machinery undertakes cotton rope soaking paste is mixed in order arrange automatic and mensurable winding, the structure is simple and economic, as a result of,defect is without stoving, rubber cement is easy mutual felt, affect its uniformity, and the quantity adding glue of its surface is very few also.