Accordion diaphragm shaft coupling
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Double beat becomes composition law the earliest by Jiang Han of head office of former oil natural gas mechanical institute is advanced engineer Wang Jie civilian the core of a belt of the invention produces a method (CN 1039993) , shape in double beat before not large-scale promotion uses the method, domestic application produces the method that bring core one kind at most. Production process is: Fine line is discharged on Shuang Gun, affix agglutinate glue and promote glue, compress glue what use profiling machine extrude next to be stuck directly into the platoon go up with cotton rope, cut next sheet with bit bring core. Namely limited company of Mo Xincheng machinery produces this equipment at present. This machine is guided by cotton rope device, impregnation drying device, joint device, cut device reachs the composition such as control equipment. Producible circumference is the belt of cotton rope V of 700 ~ 13000mm, can finish alone guide cotton rope, impregnation, add up to bottom glue into group pressing, wait for working procedure into base of group cut area.
What be worth to be carried additionally is, belt of Shuang Shengxin V shapes technology. Belt of Shuang Shengxin V has transmission capacity big, service life grows and transmission efficiency is tall, and use cotton rope is little wait for an advantage, but take core to make technical home inextricability all the time. The patent that Cao Zhonghua is invented recently and applied for to make Shuang Shengxin V head the unit that bring core (CN 2373628) . Additional, the accordion diaphragm shaft coupling that the company develops, already was in Sichuan east obtains test and verify of the wind- driven dynamo of turbine plant on testing stand jointly, be expected to apply Yu Feng the electric machinery group, fan that sweep snow carries equipment to go up with all cars, use is extremely extensive. And the fan that sweep snow will be applied extensively at airport and freeway, market potential is very tremendous