Shaft coupling uses material of high strenth alloy to make
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Because this shaft coupling uses material of high strenth alloy to make, deft, avoid lubricant, be able to bear or endure high low temperature, fatigue resistance is strong, in wind- driven dynamo in 80 meters headroom, 70 degrees of high temperature reach on, 40 degrees of low temperature reach 0 times below, can run for a long time continuously, maintain 20 years to avoid maintenance. With a 6 axes automatic lathe Multi-deco20/6 is exemple. It is those who have axis of 18 numerical control is muti_function machine tool, its feature is the process designing system that one is a foundation with Windows, contain corresponding software to weave the program of the spare parts. This shaft coupling already passed comprehensive assessment and test and verify on testing stand of shaft coupling of some academy appropriative, be wind- driven generation set move provided strong safeguard.

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