The shaft coupling sale of our country lacks standardization
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Shaft coupling is a foundation in attributing machinist trade, basically use for machine tools form a complete set, it applies extensively in mechanical industry, state of its produce and sale decides the development level at national economy directly, it develops steadily as the development of national economy. Versatile shaft coupling basically is with automobile industry form a complete set is used, accordingly, its produce and sale increases as the development of auto industry, during coming 10 years, chinese auto industry uses the addition of car consumption as the family, and have market of broad produce and sale. Although the shaft coupling industry of our country grows rate very fast, breed norms is very much, and technical level is not low also, can satisfy need basically, but still lack technical content the tall, shaft coupling that gets used to special requirement. Of the technical level as our country shaft coupling and product quality rise ceaselessly and the advantage on the price, its export a quantity to will be sure meeting year after year increases, achieve certain batch, obtain very good economic benefits. The shaft coupling sale of our country lacks standardization, because a few user values the value only, oversight quality, form the phenomenon of mutual demand a low price, its price some still is less than cost price even, cannot assure quality, disturbed market order.