The stretch component of shaft coupling
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These drive bind the common characteristic of a company is product technology content tall, suit to weigh the technology of machine form a complete set to need currently, treatment facilities is advanced, casting forging and hydraulic pressure, electric equipment yuan form a complete set of parts of an apparatus, management is advanced, pay attention to technical development and technical progress. Investigate its reason, it is the form that produces with the organization, dimensions and level of management are concerned, 2 it is to machine equipment to compare stale, manufacturing efficiency is low, treatment precision is poor. The shaft coupling production of our country is in 20 centuries before 80 time, produce form a complete set by leader plant proper motion, had not formed the manufacturer of professional production shaft coupling. But after 80 time, the production of shaft coupling is moved toward stage by stage commercialize, and development is very rapid also, the major that already formed size dimensions produces a hunderd schools on manufacturer, its annual produce achieves more than 10 100 million RMBs. The stretch component of the attrition material that is like clutch, brake, shaft coupling, the hydraulic pressure of clutch, brake, pneumatic and electric equipment component, even casting forging, heat treatment and standard component all more hasten specializations form a complete set. 5 it is information communication, include market information, technology information, user information, product information to wait more hasten is important