The working principle of permanent magnetism shaft coupling
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Electromotor is before wiring, it is normal to check control circuit, protection circuit first, fuse is chosen appropriate, the contact connecting a line between each control electric equipment is firm. It is normal to be like, receive sky of power source of good electric machinery to carry start, observe whether way of electric machinery movement asks accord with equipment. If rotational way is opposite, need only electric machinery wiring board power source enters line random 2 transposition. After the experiment that start is normal, hook up electric machinery load tries move, detect its job electric current is normal. If electric current is too big, should stop machine examination. Pump of drive of CQ magnetic force, apply the working principle of permanent magnetism shaft coupling at the new product of centrifugal pump, main material has stainless steel, increase get together third is rare plastic. Design reasonable, technology advanced, have hermetically sealed, without leak, anticorrosive characteristic, its function achieves pump of magnetic force drive the advanced level of foreign congener product. If take load hind, electric machinery does not turn or rotate speed is very low, or have unusual hum, answer to cut off the power instantly, if weld time is a bit long, winding of electric machinery of extremely possible burn down, damage control circuit is reached even mar equipment, general this kind of state, mechanical reason is load overweight or card is dead, electric equipment reason moves to break. Answer at this moment microscope breakdown reason, wait for the ability after removing trouble to try afresh move. The 5 ~ that normally the electric machinery electric current that start is moving electric current 7 times, when the electric machinery that start, the time that starts continuously wants control to be in 3 times less than, had avoided the high temperature that the big electric current that start produces to accumulate, winding of burned-out electric machinery is isolated from. Magnetic force pump with static sealed replace move sealed, make of pump of magnetic force drive shed a component to be in complete encapsulated situation too, solved other pump machinery thoroughly sealed cannot avoid run, risk, the malady of drop. The project that magnetic force pump chooses anti-corrosive, high strenth pottery and porcelain of jade of plastic, steel, stainless steel as production material, pump of magnetic force drive has good corrosion resistance can, can make medium be feedinged is avoided get pollution.