Quality of national shaft coupling is supervised
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Recently, SKF announces the productivity of large bearing in will enlarging its to be in China, in order to satisfy the demand for service that its are in other area of China and Asia to grow ceaselessly. The whole world of fort of heart of song of this headquarters locate is famous enterprise, have many 140 company all over the world, many 110 production company is had in 28 countries. 1916, SKF established a home to be in in Shanghai China sale branch. Now, SKF shares 9 production unit in China, many 3000 employee. SKF group is curule people a word that likes to say most is: “SKF is ” of a knowledge company. The meaning of the “ knowledge ” that says here is to show all trades and professions with different country absolutes sincerity the experience of cooperative place derive, and in the leader oneself product is developed, seek solution and the technical knowledge that in providing a service, accumulate for the client. That is to say the jewel of their development, it is a client on one hand, it is employee on one hand. Northwest bearing Inc. is one of 520 when national emphasis supports large companies, also be industry of our country bearing appears on the market the first times company. Be pounded in what experienced Asian finance storm and domestic bearing market is intense after the heavy test such as competition, especially company of management of asset of Chinese Great Wall is over to equity of didymous northwest bearing recombines and be entered formally since be stationed in, northwest bearing holds to quality benefit model development road, enhance innovation ability and core competition ability ceaselessly, make the enterprise walks out of predicament stage by stage, entered benign development course, since 2004 be included “ China machinery 5 years continuously 500 strong ” , company “NXZ” brand also is by assess early or late “ Ningxia is famous ” of well-known logo of brand ” and “ China. At the beginning of December 2007, northwest bearing pledges through the country check total bureau exports exempt from examinations to examine the spot of the group smoothly, supervise through quality of national shaft coupling again examine center after to sample type of 726 hours experiments, pledged via the country in March 2008 approval of check total bureau gained competence of exit exempt from examinations finally. This indicates the station was in a northwest bearing on a new start, entering a new development period.