Homebred those who change shaft coupling standard is ceaseless rise
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The imports and exports of shaft coupling product, look from current condition, the entrance is more than exit far. But the circumstance that imports shaft coupling alone is not much, great majority is the as a result of foreign requirement entrance in be introduced together along with lead plane or be being produced with foreign collaboration. These shaft coupling are equipment advocate transmission, its technology level is high, production difficulty is great, requirement service life is long, home also is hard to satisfy. Press current manufacturing condition additionally, our treatment facilities appears generally datedder, process instrumentation is backward, the requirement of very inaccessible precision and quality, and manufacturing efficiency is lower also, the majority belongs to sheet pre production. Because this is in the job henceforth, divide outside increasing new product to develop, still should adopt arrange inflict to get used to the requirement of new product from the respect such as treatment facilities, craft. But as a result of homebred those who change a standard is ceaseless rise, the import quantity that machine parts or tools kept in reserve spares parts also is decreasing ceaselessly, already came true for the most part homebred change. Although homebred the product quality that change still exists certain difference, service life also has 2/3 of the entrance only, but its price differs truly several times, but managing not little foreign currency, considering to return from economy as a whole is feasible.