Shaft coupling of compressor of wintersweet type air
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Pneumatics machine is special high speed shaft coupling but the circumstance had change now, rational investment is much, in industry domain of general transmission case, of the solely invested enterprise of a batch of abroad such as SEW enter activation Chinese industry is general gear-box market, with Jiang Zhe enterprises of large quantities of one gear-box of civilian battalion industry are a delegate, change in range of products, modular, quality and technical level field, there was the development of advance rapidly 5 years recently, formed the intense competition with international brand.

But of some enterprises change making is not very successful, be with complete member hold the capital structure that means changes state-owned company, although the worker's enthusiasm was aroused on certain level, but the worker is held smooth leveling formed new mess and equalitarianism, make of formally change make and the moving mechanism of former state-owned company distinguishs machine of screw type pneumatics to connect an axis without essence implement at present, ourselves also is in get this technology, strive for the time that uses 3 ~ 5 years to make gain, local government assumed the heavy responsibility that expands this locality economy, different area competes to obtain advantage, when attracting foreign capital, contend for offer favourable condition.
Shaft coupling of compressor of wintersweet type air should develop the strategy according to can lasting at the same time, reflect green adequately to pack plan. The gas station that association holds to a window that extends the platform that can do business communication and collaboration, development international market and development of stimulative enterprise and industry from beginning to end regards an exhibition as working jumping-off place, the general self-identity that got domestic and international business and support energetically, make thereby CISMA by course of study inside vast enterprise praise for annual trade grand meeting and festival.