Product of Chinese shaft coupling overtakes international level
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Product of our country shaft coupling obtained great progress through development of nearly 10 years, many products already were achieved or be close to international advanced level, but still have quite big one part shaft coupling and gear-box product, in oscillatory noise and fatigue life respect and international advanced level difference is apparent, and this reachs craft level be closely bound up with shaft coupling material and heat treatment equipment again. These problems already became product of Chinese shaft coupling to overtake the bottleneck of international level. Current, the RMB appreciates, labor contract law is carried out, exit drawback rate reduces the “ that be called by enterprise of fastener shaft coupling ” of 3 big hill, rise substantially in cost when, how marry again pressure makes fastener business heart medium painful. Henceforth 5-10 year, chinese fastener business will not be enjoyed before the low cost advantage of “ screwy ” , main body is mixed in the sources of energy now 5 respects such as raw material, environment, capital, labour force, land. Change character, henceforth 5-10 year, fastener business will go up significantly in the cost of this respect raise. Whether do this mean Chinese fastener business to make low end of pick off “ the label of ” ? The answer perhaps is done not have so clear. But to more and more Chinese fastener businesses character, cost rises to had become an issue that must face up to, the business must fit as early as possible and digest this one change.