Tooling and detect the method also exists low-level repeat
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Our country rolls functional component industry and abroad main difference are: Specialization manufacturing level is not high; Tooling and detect the method also exists low-level repeat; Informatization manages lag; Industrialization progress is slow; Personalized service does not follow to go up. From the product overall level looks, we are in product of developed country famous brand under, over the developing country in slant on level. Among them, low intermediate difference of congener product of product and abroad keeps balance lesser or basically, but manufacturing efficiency however far under abroad. And the product of high-powered, high quality scales (high speed, high accuracy, special …… of high accuracy, low a confusion of voices) have apparent difference with the well-known company such as NSK, THK, Rexroth, HIWIN, become the bottleneck that restricts development of machine tool of homebred and high-grade numerical control.
Analyse the problem that above exists, basically have the reason of the following respects:
(one) did not form industrial dimensions to change.
(2) measure position level to differ with check of the circle outside the guide screw in ISO standard.
(3) workmanship technology and equipment are backward, make product of industry of guide screw of our country ball is in the odd group of ” of “ low precision, high cost wander.
(4) basic research is fragile, the industry lacks necessary investment.
(5) the existence of the problem such as clutch of shaft coupling of ball of slip of guide-post bushing of spline of the scroll slideway of scroll function component, ball, ball, job and the special bearing that cover suitably with them, steel, special high accuracy, make industry great quality is supervised, the respect such as price fixed position all brings a variety of difficulty.
(6) domestic raw material supplies technical level low, performance is not steady, after causing heat treatment, be out of shape big, go against dimensions to turn production.