Shaft coupling sale lacks standardization
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On September 26, the product that by China the first heavy machinery weighs numerical control Inc. and composition of expert of Luoyang LYC firm group company, together checks and accept expert group staff to enter the spot jointly, through be opposite all day long hundreds relevant data undertakes product objective detect in detail, maintain this finally to cover a product to achieve the technical requirement that place of user early days sets, main technique index is controlled entirely in 5 millesimals less than. The shaft coupling sale of our country lacks standardization, because a few user values the value only, oversight quality, form the phenomenon of mutual demand a low price, its price some still is less than cost price even, cannot assure quality, disturbed market order. Check and accept in the product September 26 on the meeting, the member that the expert is comprised thinks consistently, the development that domestic head covers machine tool main shaft to use bearing of tall accurate oversize is successful, solved the design of bearing of oversize of our country high accuracy and production core technology, for our country key the successful development of special project laid solid foundation. Press current manufacturing condition additionally, our treatment facilities appears generally datedder, process instrumentation is backward, the requirement of very inaccessible precision and quality, and manufacturing efficiency is lower also, the majority belongs to sheet pre production. Because this is in the job henceforth, divide outside increasing new product to develop, still should adopt arrange inflict to get used to the requirement of new product from the respect such as treatment facilities, craft.