Rated turn the shaft coupling when be apart from turns round horn to be able to
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Transmission binds a main component that is mechanical and general component, it is the mechanical component with quantity wide bedding face, apply to metallurgy mine, traffic to carry, machinery of project machine, spaceflight aviation, shipping, light industrial the industry such as spin. Its function basically is to transfer motion and power, because its make those who use an occasion different, accordingly its deliver range small to a few N·m, arrive greatly several KN·m, scope of its rotate speed is little turn to number / cent, turn to number greatly / cent. 5 axes the machining center ceaseless progress as production technology, the last few years comes, most machining center is designed the spare parts can be machined in holding clip the 5 axes machine tool of 5 faces. Mix by the Integrex100Y of Mazak company new design for example 100SY machining center, be to satisfy the treatment of complex part design is muti_function machine tool. With clutch and shaft coupling exemple, as a result of the development of diverse use demand and its technology, their sort and type are diversiform, in order to get used to diverse demand. Clutch before the most commonly used is all sorts of wet a type clutch with dry type, its attrition material has iron radical, copper radical, phenolic aldehyde plastic, asbestine radical, paper radical, carbon radical for choosing. Develop as the technology, the promotion that cone clutch, pneumatic clutch, stretch clutch, fluid sticks timing clutch to wait applies. Shaft coupling also develops the stretch shaft coupling of all sorts of type by the most traditional post box shaft coupling, rated turn the shaft coupling when be apart from turns round horn to be able to be amounted to 12°~ 15°, the biggest turn round horn to be able to be amounted to 25°. According to introducing, the Integrex100Y 5 axes that have X, Y, Z, C and B move, it is among them on the tool carrier that 125mm can move on direction of edge Y axis, how is the design 5.6kW, rotate speed to be able to be amounted to of a power 15, 000r/min, can wait of milling cutter, boring cutter rotate cutting tool, and center of can opposite tool carrier swings the B axis of 225° . So the machine tool can undertake treatment of transverse cutting, cant, prejudicial Kong Zuan is cut, boring and thread machining. Integrex100SY machining center, except 3 move to rotate with 1 point-blank outside the C axis that precision amounts to 0.001° , still have two main shaft. Can efficient in holding clip treatment gives high accuracy part.