Permanent magnetism shaft coupling
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Water pump not bibulous or not catchment. Its reason is heart valve to block section of dead filter water more too tall or foul and bibulous height is inspiratory flat. Because change incorrect impeller to current talk,jam possibly also etc. Repair cleared and heart valve, foul thing through after one by one is checked, can be being adopted respectively, correct change direction, clean the measure such as impeller. Permanent magnetism shaft coupling is a kind of when the magnetic force that carries permanent magnet rises connection of prime mover and working machine new-style shaft coupling, it need not direct mechanical link, use the reciprocity between rare earth permanent magnet however, use magnetic field to be able to penetrate certain space is apart from the character with corporeal data, those who have mechanical energy is deferent. The occurrence of magnetic force shaft coupling, solved the leak problem that sealed existence changes in certain machine thoroughly. Slack or pipeline is flat. The screw cap when the likelihood is installed is twisted incompactly. If leakage can be in flat or slack place not badly,daub cement or besmear use the grout that bitumen oil blends. Of provisionality repair can besmear some of wet mud or soft soap. If be in contact place,slack usable spanner screws if screw cap is slack must tear open badly afresh outfit. Filling overheat. Because filling pressing gets too close cooling water,do not enter more inside filling or axial surface attaint. Can adopt loosen filling appropriately, clear seal a canal to jam. Filling wears away must change new. Before filling is installed, should soak inside engine oil chase a circle to load cut to want to stagger can decrease so slack. Degree of tightness of the readjust when impaction gland wanting to run after last filling has been installed is spent.