New-style shaft coupling
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As the development of machinist job and science and technology, raised taller requirement to shaft coupling, it not only the requirement that wants contented high speed, burden, high accuracy, still should satisfy movement efficiency of smooth, drive is tall, service life is long reach safeguard wait for a requirement simply. To get used to market demand, satisfy the need of different transmission system, already ground the new-style shaft coupling that gives out a lot of different types will satisfy this kind of need. Development of industry of our country shaft coupling is very rapid in recent years, and standardization rate is very high also, only level of shaft coupling state and occupation standard make an appointment with 90. Be in abroad, transmission binds production all is given priority to with specializationing, average scale is medium, small-sized, personnel is in tens of coming hundreds person, also having a lot of companies is global, alive bound each country has site of Wu of kimono of their production, sale. Also a few drive bind an one part that the company is big group company. The 3 need that are the change that asks as lead plane and technical development, bind to transmission technical development and technical development take seriously more. 4 it is transmission binds the form a complete set of an itself to specialization development. Have so much level, have the application to shaft coupling and production very big stimulative effect undoubtedly, also offer a technology for the market advanced, reliable shaft coupling product had quality to assure. Drive of domestic state-operated major binds a manufacturer is not much, also have equipment of a few large metallurgy, heavy equipment, steelworks, power plant, dockyard from already workshop of workshop section type undertakes transmission binds production of form a complete set, and in automobile industry relative to these state-operated major the manufacturer is some more. Besides, miniature civilian battalion business is more, can produce relatively single product. 6 it is technical development appears more important in intense competition, this respect has technical difficulty already, what need capital more, current abroad has collective and contributive, join forces development, the combination that achievement shares develops a tendency.