Type of be well versed in rouses form tine shaft coupling
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Look from current condition, the entrance is more than exit far. But the circumstance that imports shaft coupling alone is not much, great majority is the as a result of foreign requirement entrance in be introduced together along with lead plane or be being produced with foreign collaboration. These shaft coupling are equipment advocate transmission, its technology level is high, production difficulty is great, requirement service life is long, home also is hard to satisfy. And the large shaft coupling that big, service life grows tall to technical content, production difficulty or short of requirement, the whole nation seldom also counts manufacturer home to be able to be made only. Major produces manufacturer and additionally a few have not form certain dimensions, technology backward, equipment is obsolete, make the product that gives high quality very hard, because this also lost partial market. If hydraulic pressure is safe,form of beat of type of shaft coupling, be well versed in ages versatile shaft coupling, hard tooth flank rouses cross of type of shaft coupling, be well versed in shaft coupling of form tine shaft coupling, blob of viscose of tall stretch oak. Already scored gain of science and technology 20 multinomial, patent application more than 10. Although homebred the product quality that change still exists certain difference, service life also has 2/3 of the entrance only, but its price differs truly several times, but managing not little foreign currency, considering to return from economy as a whole is feasible. The exit case of shaft coupling is not good, had not formed certain batch, only a few the product exports nation of southeast Asia and other Africa minority. Export together along with lead plane among them partly, and another part is alone exit.