Without the flexibility shaft coupling of stretch component
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The foundation of our country manufacturing industry and development process will tell, still cannot enter immediately like the United States comprehensive and compositive produce level with complete digitlization, still need to pay close attention to a few foundations more to make equipment reach its relatively the research of relevant technology, raise its confluence informatization and digitlization to create the capacity with management, the need that creates to get used to future builds a base. Rigid shaft coupling does not have compensation by couplet two axes axes is opposite the ability of deflection, also do not have amortize damping property; But the structure is simple, low-cost. Be in only load is smooth, rotate speed is stable, can assure by couplet two axes axes falls relative to the circumstance of deflection minimum, ability can choose rigid shaft coupling. The carrying capacity of flexibility shaft coupling that does not have stretch component is large, but also do not have amortize damping property, be not stabilized in high speed or rotate speed or often, when inverting, have concussion noise. Apply to the circumstance with low speed, burden, smooth rotate speed. The high speed that analyses medium-sized machining center changes the development course that changes with high spirit, can reach, the main shaft that as watch a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale high speed of its cutting motion changes is highest rotate speed and speed of the biggest feed, the rate that increases 1 times continuously with every 10 years roughly rises, and those who express a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale to compress a machine tool to assist time is fast move speed (show with ball guide screw is mixed rotate drive of servo electric machinery) and change a knife automatically / workbench dislocation speed, basically with every 12~15 year the rate that multiplies one time rises, the linear electromotor that application popularizes stage by stage after 1993 is direct the new technology of drive, make of machining center move quickly rate rose 1 times again when more deputy than using ball guide screw drive.