Flange shaft coupling
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The whole world is the greatest group of SKF of bearing manufacturer Sweden, ” of day of “SKF China technology will be held in Shanghai on May 23. SKF group whole world is presiding apparitor soup Mu · Jiangsidu and Si Kaifu (China) Ma Gesen of general manager of investment limited company visits the site, reveal its can effect product and solution. Group president holds CEO soup Mu concurrently Jiangsidu expresses · , the factory building that SKF is in Shanghai Jia Dingxin factory is current already completion, the manufacturing passageway of product of bearing of the 3rd acting hub already was installed end. Flange shaft coupling (also call flange shaft coupling) it is to use bolt connection two flange (flange) disk type half shaft coupling, two half shaft coupling uses key and two axes connection respectively, in order to realize two axes connection, pass torsion and motion. Structure of flange shaft coupling is simple, make convenient, cost is inferior, the job is reliable, outfit tear open, safeguard all handier, deliver torsion bigger, can make sure two axes have the taller precision in be opposite, general and commonly used at load smooth, the shafting drive with high speed or transmission precision higher demand. Flange shaft coupling does not have radial, axial and part to compensation function, when using if unwarrantable by connection two axes are right in precision, will reduce precision of the service life of shaft coupling, drive and transmission frequency, cause vibration and noise. What have to allude here is factory of the machine tool that do not have stannum, it provides company of production equipment bibcock for bearing as, develop in the enterprise in recent years and product innovation respect is apparently moss-grown. This and enterprise cannot design the treatment device that develops contented user demand in time not to have nothing to do according to the requirement of the user is. And need like Shanghai Lai day of group of machine tool of peaceful, new rural area rises factory of machine tool of machine tool factory, Pu Yang, Hangzhou the company such as Jin Zhou electric stove can grow quickly expand, the key also is the equipment that makes user demand according to design of user demand development, production, won the reliance of the user with Wu of good product quality kimono.