The series that accelerates shaft coupling industry gives aid to policy
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A few days ago, the unit that Henan saves hall of science and technology to organize an expert to apply for research center of provincial project technology to 2008 year undertook evaluating argumentation, the Henan that axial group applies for in saves research center of technology of engine camshaft project to be approved to hold water. This research center is the orgnaization of research and development of an engine camshaft with Henan exclusive province, the committee that group of the axis in be being reached by bureau of science and technology of hall of province science and technology, city forms is led directly, axial group is in charge of research and development in, assume the workmanship research and development of the car component such as engine camshaft and products plan research and development. Develop quickly to promote this advantage industry, city of tile-roofed house inn comes on stage early or late carried out the series that accelerates shaft coupling industry to give aid to policy, drive large mainstay business to develop large-scale technical reformation with all one's strength. Come a few years, the accurate technology that covers with tiles axial group invests 1.2 billion yuan of construction and project of production industry garden, use the most advanced equipment and technical technology, dominant product already partial put into production. The “ that production limited company of bearing of smelt metal mine produces product of double tall ” , occupy the 70 % of overall product; Amounting to bearing of metallurgy rolling mill to make limited company introduce have international the heat treatment of advanced level is multi-purpose furnace product line, manufacturing technology realizes qualitative leap; Investment of group of far east bearing undertakes 50 million yuan 3 period technical reformation, raised business equipment level further. Come a few years, the bearing industry of tile-roofed house inn finishs great technology equipment to transform in all 20 multinomial, accumulative total invests 2 billion yuan; Win new product patent 100 multinomial, year develop new product 3000 kinds, laid solid foundation to do poineering work 2 times.