The superior performance of shaft coupling
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Our country commodity enters Pakistan can machine enjoy proper favourable policy. For instance our country exports the crane of dragon door type of Pakistan, tax rate of adoption import tariff agreement 7 % , lower than most-favored-nation tax rate 3 % . Low tax rate increases our country product to enter Pakistan. As a result of the superior performance of this kind of shaft coupling, can replace in the round take shaft coupling market at present the balata flexibility column of 80% sells shaft coupling, improve efficiency 1.8% , the whole nation's annual and managing the sources of energy is equivalent to summation of electricenergy production of annual of generation set of a 300 thousand kilowatt. Because volume of bearing of accept rice pottery and porcelain is minor, the design in fan is so medium but of lengthen electric machinery wind a string, increase power to increase rotate speed thereby. Opposite at ball bearing fan, its center area is smaller, raised blade space area effectively, increased airiness amount. Additional, the accordion diaphragm shaft coupling that the company develops, already was in Sichuan east obtains test and verify of the wind- driven dynamo of turbine plant on testing stand jointly, be expected to apply Yu Feng the electric machinery group, fan that sweep snow carries equipment to go up with all cars, use is extremely extensive. And the fan that sweep snow will be applied extensively at airport and freeway, market potential is very tremendous.