The production of shaft coupling all is given priority to with specializationing
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Be in abroad, the production of shaft coupling all is given priority to with specializationing, average scale is medium, small-sized, personnel is in tens of coming hundreds person, also having a lot of companies is global, alive bound each country has site of Wu of kimono of their production, sale. C axis increases to increase C axis on the lathe of traditional structure on lathe, can obtain as 4 ~ the process capability like 5 axes vertical or horizontal machining center. Increased to change knife orgnaization automatically on this kind of machine tool, and cancelled original circumgyrate type tool carrier. It is OK to be being installed on addition C axis what meaning position locates allow to establish horizontal milling head on circumferential direction, the milling that can undertake 5 faces go up in holding clip consequently, bore and thread machining, the treatment that gives swing tower the part brought huge to go to the lavatory. Also a few drive bind an one part that the company is big group company. These drive bind the common characteristic of a company is product technology content tall, suit to weigh the technology of machine form a complete set to need currently, treatment facilities is advanced, casting forging and hydraulic pressure, electric equipment yuan form a complete set of parts of an apparatus, management is advanced, pay attention to technical development and technical progress. To bear very great cutting power is mixed grinding force, the machine tool chooses granite material to make lathe bed, the large wall that uses tall stiffness is cast-iron headstock. The good car that can have excising large surplus in holding clip so and the accurate grinding that make sure final precision asks, treatment gives part of the accurate pneumatic that semifinished product of high accuracy gear, shaft coupling and the spaceflight aviation such as nozzle burning gas use, hydraulic pressure. At present this kind of machine tool already had a lot of manufacturer to use in Europe, just still began to prepare to use in the United States. According to concerning expert analysis, this kind of machine tool will have better market prospect. Drive of domestic state-operated major binds a manufacturer is not much, also have equipment of a few large metallurgy, heavy equipment, steelworks, power plant, dockyard from already workshop of workshop section type undertakes transmission binds production of form a complete set, and in automobile industry relative to these state-operated major the manufacturer is some more. Besides, miniature civilian battalion business is more, can produce relatively single product.