Hard tooth flank rouses form tine shaft coupling
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High speed is high-powered metal dish a type flexibility shaft coupling more agree with the crucial and large rotating equipment of high speed high-power. The machine tool main shaft that assumes this by this enterprise uses bearing of tall accurate oversize in all 5 model 7 products. Because product diameter is big, precision demand is high, a company of well-known the bearing that cross a state gives out order goods cycle is the shortest also want time 2 years. The product is used at aviation, tank to wait not only army article on, and use at national economy each domain, be like the turbine generation set of high speed high-power, aircrew of the boiler feed pump in generation set of 200MW, 300MW, 600MW, all sorts of centrifugal, axes circulate compressor set, industry lights the form a complete set such as process pump of compressor of machine, screw, refrigerator, chemical industry. Finally, the country gave this one important task Luoyang LYC company, national hair changes appoint basically lead bearing of main shaft of accurate to oversize also machine tool tackle key problem gave pay close attention to all the more and support. Of the technical level as our country shaft coupling and product quality rise ceaselessly and the advantage on the price, its export a quantity to will be sure meeting year after year increases, achieve certain batch, obtain very good economic benefits. If hydraulic pressure is safe,form of beat of type of shaft coupling, be well versed in ages versatile shaft coupling, hard tooth flank rouses cross of type of shaft coupling, be well versed in shaft coupling of form tine shaft coupling, blob of viscose of tall stretch oak.