System of shaft coupling standard
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The shaft coupling amount that our country requires standards of all sorts of types, measurement every year is very large, add spare parts of machine parts or tools kept in reserve and the year after year that product exit estimates to increase again, its demand will be bigger, because this shaft coupling has very broad market. Although the market of shaft coupling is very big, and specialization manufacturer home is not little also, year sale near ten RMBs, but this also can satisfy general requirement only. Metal dish, piece type flexibility shaft coupling is to use coupling drive machine and driven machine, make they rotate together, in order to pass torque and motion, compensate two axes between 3 to displacement (incorrect in) , have vibration isolation and energy-saving effect at the same time, the most advanced mechanical foundation in already making transform device of the motivation on current world. The shaft coupling product of our country, from 20 centuries there was rapid development since 80 time, to satisfy the need of systems of all sorts of mechanical equipment transmission, get used to market demand, new product is appearing ceaselessly, already formed system of wholer shaft coupling standard stage by stage. Because this is in the job henceforth, divide outside increasing new product to develop, still should adopt arrange inflict to get used to the requirement of new product from the respect such as treatment facilities, craft. The product already entered petro-chemical, steely, refrigeration, pharmacy, shipping, printing machine machinery of instrument, spin, nonferrous metal, generate electricity, the domain such as nuclear report.