Shaft coupling of leather belt annulus
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Electric machinery movement is normal, the phenomenon such as electric current of the noise that can give out from electric machinery, rotate speed, temperature, job undertakes judging. If running medium electric machinery to produce leakage of electricity, rotate speed is reduced suddenly, produce acuteness vibration. Have unusual sound, overheat fume, or strike a light of contact of control electric equipment is fumy of this kind of phenomenon temporarily, should cut off the power instantly stop machine overhaul. Listen attentively to the sound that when electric machinery runs, gives out, if discover bigger buzz, either electric current is big, be short of namely move. With pull tear open leather belt annulus or shaft coupling. Discharge goes to electric machinery rear fan housing, screw of the lid outside tearing open the bearing before falling and around end build screw. Bigger electric machinery, before tearing open, use delimit the needle carries lid and baseplate in two respectively, had made the mark of former firm emplacement, the axis before knock of the hammer that use wood is topmost, make rotor and back end lid loosen from baseplate, take out rotor from inside stator next. Must notice when taking rotor, do not let termination of winding of rotor abrade stator be isolated from. In the temperature of electric machinery winding that moves actually, want far under this limiting temperature. When measure, the exterior temperature of electric machinery plus 15 -20 ℃ , just be the actual temperature of electric machinery winding. To the electromotor with exorbitant temperature rise, want to measure its job report. Liu, slant like electric current big, three-phase voltage is normal, the specification is laden and overweight, should pass machine long personnel checks mechanical equipment, if discover electric machinery sheds 20 % above for long too, protector not movement, cut off the power not automatically, this specification heats up relay to rectify setting of calm electric current to had been been worth big, should reduce make cost of calm electric current.