Craft of production shaft coupling
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On August 29 afternoon, exempt from examinations of exit of product of bearing of northwest bearing Inc. promulgates card awards card ceremony to be held in guesthouse of Yinchuan Yue sea. Total bureau of national qualitative check examines total bureau of qualitative check of country of Wang Xin of superintendency department director's representing issued certificate of exit exempt from examinations and plaque card for northwest bearing Inc. , so far, northwest bearing Inc. becomes the manufacturing company that the 119th the home, Ningxia of countrywide has exporter the first times to taste qualification of exempt from examinations. Vice-chairman Li Rui attended government of Xue Jian of vice president of company of management of asset of Chinese Great Wall, municipality to promulgate card ceremony. Exporting qualification of commodity exempt from examinations is the highest honor that the country grants production the company, be called by figure ground ” of pass of “ international gold. Iron of neodymium of permanent magnetism of the 3rd acting rare earth is boracic (NdFeB) it is the permanent magnet with contemporary magnet the can strongest neutral, it has tall remanence not only, force of tall correct dense, tall magnetism can be accumulated, high-powered price is more characteristic than waiting, and easy treatment becomes all sorts of measure, apply extensively already at aviation, spaceflight, electron, electroacoustic, Electromechanical, instrument, appearance, antenna to wait now, in the equipment of the plant that medical treatment technology and other require to use permanent magnetism field, special apply to development high-powered, miniaturization, light-duty all sorts of replacement products that turn. Working temperature 240 ℃ of 80 ℃ ~ . Neodymium iron is boracic (NdFeB) it is the alloy magnetic body that metallic neodymium, iron, boron and other drop tantalum make, it is the rare earth permanent magnetism with the at present strongest magnetism, having tall magnetism to be able to be accumulated (8MGOe-55MGOe) with good Jiao Wan strength. Craft of production shaft coupling is mature, strict quality assures, the product that perfect technical service and very admirable performance/price ratio acquire qualification of exempt from examinations, will enjoy avoid grant to export examine quarantine is connected directly close discharged, avoid close examine the favourable pay such as quarantine charge, be helpful for an enterprise reducing management cost, accelerate involve rate, shorten exit is periodic, more conduce to raise brand credit to spend, enhance international competition ability.