Magnetic force shaft coupling
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Permanent magnetism shaft coupling is a kind of when the magnetic force that carries permanent magnet rises connection of prime mover and working machine new-style shaft coupling, it need not direct mechanical link, use the reciprocity between rare earth permanent magnet however, use magnetic field to be able to penetrate certain space is apart from the character with corporeal data, those who have mechanical energy is deferent. The occurrence of magnetic force shaft coupling, solved the leak problem that sealed existence changes in certain machine thoroughly. Want the change that seek and the need that the technology admits as lead plane, bind to transmission technical development and technical development take seriously more. 4 be 5 it is information communication, include market information, technology information, user information, product information to wait more hasten is important. 6 it is technical development appears more important in intense competition, this respect has technical difficulty already, what need capital more, current abroad has collective and contributive, join forces development, the combination that achievement shares develops a tendency.

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