Surmount clutch to weigh one-way bearing, one-way clutch again, go against stop
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Place of belt of the V that wrap cloth includes to compress glue with sizing material, promote glue, agglutinate glue and brush (besmear) cloth glue, belt of our country common V uses natural balata, butadiene styrene rubber, butadiene rubber and grain reclaimed rubber mostly, transmission belt is the balata product that trends uses, the recipe should consider function of dynamic music faze, heat build-up, the glue that wrap cloth still should consider wearability, gum content do not answer too low. In recent years by pressure of Yu Yuan cost of material, a few manufacturer use reclaimed rubber and inorganic filling in great quantities in order to reduce cost, make a belt very easy chap and bag cloth wear away, cannot develop at all polyester cotton rope is due advantage.
If high-quality transmission belt is narrow belt of belt of V belt, agriculture machinery V, the V that cut a margin, much wedge belt and shaft coupling should use chloroprene rubber, chloroprene rubber has strength tall, heat-resisting is able to bear or endure ageing, be able to bear or endure ozone, wear-resisting, music flinchs fatigue sex is good, as good as other material agglutinate. Applicable temperature limits is commonly - 10 ℃ of 30 ~ ask. Foreign drive belt uses low crystallization sex mostly general-purpose chloroprene rubber is like Du Bang GRT, domestic macrobian chemical industry is developing congener product CR114, but quality stability still must rise, what shaft coupling uses at most is CR121. Chloroprene rubber defect is treatment if function difference is easy anxious burn, treatment heat build-up is mixed greatly stick roller easily to wait, the chloroprene rubber that without Xi Huaxiang science and technology develops prevents glue of mother sticking roller to be able to solve these problems.
Because contemporary car is right the energy-saving, environmental protection, comfortable, demand that brings congruent is higher and higher, make whole engine room construction is complex, compact the temperature when the job is higher, among them balata should have high temperature resistant property. Longer maintenance period if want to achieve 24 0000Km, to balata the demand of wear is higher and higher also. The function of chloroprene rubber already reached the limit, cannot satisfy the requirement of contemporary car. Car synchronism belt already used balata of hydrogenation fourth nitrile to regard main body as material in great quantities. Balata of fourth nitrile of hydrogen sulfide of the production on eye preexistence bound is main German Lanxess and Japanese ZEON. Our country our country orchid in changing a company to development succeeds and was passed 1999, try.