Development of washing machine of our country rolling-type is rapid in last few
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Smooth belt of collection of much wedge tape is flexible good take transmission power big advantage with V at a suit, it is a kind of novel drive area that has development outlook extremely, its structure is matrix with smooth belt, the surface discharges cloth to have the annular drive area of equidistant and fore-and-aft wedge inside. Have transmission power, get power even and reasonable, drive compares shaft coupling of diameter of truckle of tall, high speed, L but retrorse the advantage such as many rounds of drive, get developing quickly, especially belt of car much wedge, entering 90 time abroad to already rose to use this kind of belt basically to regard engine front accessory as transmission annulus is drive is used take.
Factories of 70 time Shanghai adhesive plaster produce tape of polyurethane much wedge, in relief adhesive plaster going straight towards a horse is in distant belt of much wedge of car of development of proper motion of home of preexistence of the rate at the beginning of 90 time cuts Nuo radical form a complete set for Beijing, ever since adhesive plaster of Guizhou masses, Shanghai (hind for Shanghai ROULUNDS) and use imported equipment without Xibeierte, ning Bo makes rich Jiang Li develops a car to use shaft coupling with homebred equipment, the product is engine of much home diesel engine, small car and air conditioning implement form a complete set is used. The Beierte that do not have stannum and center of one steam technology still developed EPDM much wedge to take jointly, the product already passed dependability of 2400h of 6DL new-style diesel engine fast experiment, filed patent (CN1651232A) . Guizhou masses also developed EPDM much wedge to take (CN1746218A) .
Development of washing machine of our country rolling-type is rapid in last few years, mix for economic space simplify belt of much wedge of design use flexibility, shanghai 5 produce this kind of tape for Haiersheng together. He Jiaxing of Heibei annulus eaves still produces mould pressing much wedge to take richly.