In recent years mechanical component is produced and sell one of accounts of rap
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Development of industry of our country shaft coupling is very rapid in recent years, and standardization rate is very high also, only level of shaft coupling state and occupation standard make an appointment with 90. Have so much level, have the application to shaft coupling and production very big stimulative effect undoubtedly, also offer a technology for the market advanced, reliable shaft coupling product had quality to assure. Send the large gear wheel with large quantity of heat, lubricate in order to circulate to oily method more, give oil with achieving loop full a portion, cooling tooth flank reachs the result of bearing. The person that pinion bearing temperature exceeds 50 ℃ above, flow to the oil plants temperature of oil groove, with exceeding 45 ℃ advisable. The oil groove that cannot cool naturally, must add outfit refrigeration unit. As the adjustment of world economy structure, our country makes labor, material gradually concentrated model the production base of the product, and the great majority in mechanical component belongs to this kind of product, foreign well-known company and the rate that have the enterprise of actual strength to do solely invested, joint ventures to China are accelerated, its product is exported for the most part, the part is sold in home, this also is one of accounts that in recent years mechanical component is produced and sell rapid growth. At present the product output of the industry such as Chinese fastener, gear, chain, chain wheel, pulverous metallurgy, very important place is had on world market, its gross has discharged alive bound front row.