Electromagnetism brake implement call electromagnetism brake again
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(3) pump exit should contain fluid control valve, shaft coupling basis enters the mouth the fluid of coal tub adjust the platoon amount that carries medium.

(4) should install difference to press sensor and switch, measure pump exit and entrance difference to press, pump stops automatically at set is worth in poor depress, rise to protect the action of pump.

(5) the vibration of pump is dinky, bigger vibration and noise specification malfunction.

(6) work normally to assure, work inside the discharge that should make sure pump is shown 2 times in the graph and lift limits, the smallest reach flow of the biggest job, lift to there all is a specification on function curve.

(7) produce cavitation to avoid, pump of magnetic force of gram of sea close ladder needs the smallest inspiratory pressure head when carrying easy vaporization fluid (Emin) , by computation leaving type: (Emin) (M) =NPSH pump (M) entrance canal grinds loss (M) safe surplus (M) , safe surplus is 0.5m normally.

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