Electromagnetism brake implement call electromagnetism brake again
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The idea that raises sea close ladder to overcome magnetic force pump to run reliability and track equipment and pipeline install a requirement:

(1) the entrance pipeline of pump and export pipeline are due prop up, give pump additional load with preventing to deliver, pump cannot regard pipeline as medium dot getting power, want to make sure pipeline system promising heats up the compensation measure that expand and provides.

(2) when inspiratory press when the head is inferior, entrance pipeline should as far as possible short, produce cavitation in order to prevent. The measure with entrance due and proper pipeline does not exceed 3m/s with assuring fluid velocity of flow; When the fluid that carries easy vaporization or liquid gas, make sure velocity of flow does not exceed 3m/s; When the fluid that carries easy vaporization or liquid gas, make sure velocity of flow does not exceed 1m/s.

(3) export pipeline should install one control valve, in order to adjust the discharge of pump and lift. When using longer export pipeline or two pump paralell connection, the proposal is installed one additional one-way stop go against a powerful person.

(4) whole pipeline system and auxiliary pipeline all should be cleaned carefully, in entering sea close ladder in order to prevent broken bits of scrap, solder or other eyewinker to overcome magnetic force pump. To newly-built pipeline system, entrance pipeline should contain filter.

(5) the exhaust that pipeline design should consider pump.

(6) the successive movement to realize pump, the proposal installs one circumfluence pipeline, install orifice plate of the least flow, lubricate enoughly in order to make sure the sliding bearing when successive movement has and cool.

If the graph is shown 1 times, circumfluence pipeline should from exit a powerful person or one-way stop before going against a powerful person derivative, in returning fluid reservoir through orifice plate of the least flow. This kind of installation can realize the automatic exhaust of pump.

(7) pump of magnetic force of gram of sea close ladder must work inside designation limits. To control the largest flow, the proposal installs orifice plate of one appropriate the largest flow on export pipeline.

2. Craft monitoring:

Because sea close ladder overcomes the design characteristic of magnetic force pump, do not need to maintain commonly, but to make sure its are normal movement and safety work, should use craft monitoring and warning device, manage strictly.

(1) entrance canister fluid protective control is necessary, entrance canister should contain fluid change send implement or fluid switch, in entrance canister fluid when lowering fixed rate, stop pump automatically move in order to protect pump.

(2) pump housing should contain temperature sensor, stator of the magnetic force that monitor and pump bearing temperature, protect bearing and magnetic force stator.
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