The side outside blender installs conveyer of leather belt of a lash-up
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Of cylinder blender transform: Stop to solve cylinder blender machine is easy cause agglomeration pilot time to stop the problem of machine, the staff member uses existing workshop space, outside blender side installs conveyer of leather belt of a lash-up. Once the decelerate machine of blender is expensive, the accident that gear of low speed axis appears to age or the short time such as attaint of bearing of blender support roller cannot return to normal happens, enable lash-up leather belt instantly, it is good that jockey spot hand uses control mix even makings moisture, make sure agglomeration machine runs normally. The model of magnetic force shaft coupling chooses according to drive electric machinery, realize normal movement thereby, but start below unwell circumstance, (for example electric machinery power is too great, the voltage with exit valve too big or taller open) , the biggest torsion that exceeds magnetic force shaft coupling, make pump cannot run normally, notice to must be started correctly so.