Much wedge takes what take with synchronism to shape
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Much wedge takes what take with synchronism to shape to be commonly on only sound forming machine undertake. Synchronous belt uses tension element to eliminate cotton rope twist rules effect, the cotton rope that needs to use different twisting way (namely “S” , “Z” twists) discharge a line twice at the same time, because this wants two tension system. Unit of our country much home is inchoate the forming machine that introduces from German SCHOLZ company, stem from investment consideration at that time, much entrance is muti_function forming machine (all-purpose machine) . This machine can use what belt of belt, the V that cut a margin, much wedge belt and synchronism take at wrapping cloth V to shape not only, and can use at cut jacket and burnish of synchronous belt back and cut. This machine by advocate gearing, shape device of beat, cut beat, cut, grinding device, rear push frame, 4 labour film guides buy of traditional thread binding of device, platoon, duplex operation cotton rope guides the composition such as device and electric control system. Two-step cotton rope guides device can finish two cotton rope at the same time discharge, cotton rope tension is constant and adjustable, can realize cotton rope synchronism to reclaim. Shape beat rouse to decide a diameter, cut beat is roused to expand, working length of beat is 1200mm, can shape the adhesive plaster that circumference is 400 ~ 3120mm. This machine uses PLC control, automation level, shape quality and efficiency are very tall. Because every expand,rouse expand limits all is controlled in 180mm (take circumference) , shaft coupling needs those who deploy a few different diameters to expand to rouse and shape because of every equipment beat, this raised the cost of equipment accordingly. Because stand-alone wants to finish a variety of jobs, its use efficiency to be reduced greatly. Qingdao is believed dark the DCV that the company produces is muti_function forming machine belongs to this machine namely.
Will muti_function a few functions that V takes forming machine undertake combine or be decomposinged manufacturinged a few special equipment again, grind what cut closes together with the function that rub a back cut machine; The machine of the forming machine of single function, cut, machine that rub a back is waited a moment. These equipment just are in muti_function the functional component take out with the fundamental needless admiral that V brings forming machine, what reservation wants functional part, its structure essentially similar.
Belt of the V that cut a margin, much wedge belt and the forming machine that synchronism brings have in our country already much home unit is produced, amount to a company to assume national “ besides Qingdao appropriate benefit 95 ” science and technology tackles key problem the project already was finished in the round outside, qingdao is believed dark, university of industry of Harbin Institute of Technology, northwest, Zhejiang industry university, without Xikaiyuan Xia Hua of the group, the East China Sea that do not have stannum, Lan Xi all have production, principle very much the same, the product has brief have numerous, satisfy the requirement of user of disparate arrangement of ideas.
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