The whirligig of shaft coupling
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To adjust the power of wind- driven turbine, the whirligig that often must pass blade shaft coupling adjusts blade role, make its and wind speed are achieved optimal match. Blade adjusting gear controls rotor rotate speed, make stabilize as far as possible generate electricity. Can appear sometimes the very high load that comes from rotor lamina move load. The raceway that these bear must pass blade bearing and bolt join release rotor hub in. Here uses odd platoon or double platoon contacted ball bearing at 4 o'clock, its inner ring or outer lane belt age or do not take a tooth-like part of anything. Develop quickly to promote this advantage industry, city of tile-roofed house inn comes on stage early or late carried out the series that accelerates shaft coupling industry to give aid to policy, shaft coupling group development brings into program of whole town overall development, highlight effect of ” of its “ bibcock, expand for its development provide necessary support. On this foundation, tile-roofed house inn optimizes dimensional distribution further, it is garden of industry of 4 dominant, villages and towns with area of garden of industry of two city class the area is flank, make shaft coupling make industrial tape, guide bearing industry to be centered to garden area, form industrial gather. Give priority to body with group of made of baked clay axis, drive assets of area bearing estate to recombine, resource is integrated. Give priority to a line in order to promote bearing manufacturing industry equipment standard, drive large mainstay business to develop large-scale technical reformation with all one's strength, this is the nods eyeball pen that enhances competition ability of core of industry of bearing of tile-roofed house inn.