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The application of hydraulic join bolt on turbogenerator group shaft coupling
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1T2A-330 aircrew shaft coupling introduces

ALSTOM produces shafting of T2A-330 turbogenerator group to decorate for: High-pressured rotor - middling pressure rotor - low-pressure rotor - dynamo rotor. Each rotor all rectifies forging for sincere, 3 shaft coupling all are rigid join. Amount of shaft coupling bolt is respectively: 14 (tall / in) ; 12 (in / low) ; 10 (low / hair) . All join bolt all is bolt of hydraulic drawing double head, deserve to have appropriative drawing unit randomly. Its are primitive length is passed before leave factory measure strictly, precision is 0.01 Mm, corrode craft to be written in the upright ministry of every bolt with report. The pressure that adjusts crock of drawing device hydraulic pressure is passed when assembling, control its stretchy quantity, the hand is moved come back tight screw cap can, undertake metrical to screw length finally, affirm its drawing quantity is not had by accident hind end operation. When disassembling, also be to use drawing device to spin screw, in order to eliminate stress of screw cap susceptive hind, the screw cap that will be in free condition is loose, discharge drops oil pressure later, finish disassemble. In the bear in the shafting the low-pressure crock of the largest part / the dynamo is opposite the bolt of round of place used special taper to cover, no matter the bolt that takes taper to cover is there is distinctive place on structure, principle and construction craft.

2 structures characteristic

Photograph of this kind of bolt compares groovy hydraulic drawing bolt to the following differs:

1) all machines the cone-shaped thread that has just the same in the two end of screw.
The screw cap over all dimension of two end of 2) is consistent, but among them the treatment of screw cap end panel of a side has 3 axial via, every via is mixed by the screw of M 8 two parts form the smooth hole of ø6.
3) has a taper to be 1 ∶ between the surface inside the screw of the surface outside screw and shaft coupling the mouth of the C form of 100 is covered, line of this mouth chamfer is broad below natural state make an appointment with 10 Mm.
4) is covered in cone-shaped mouth there is a span to cover between the nut with the screw that take M8.

3 jobs principle

Assembling condition correctly to fall, the stretchy quantity of screw is 0.38 ~ 0.44 Mm, corresponding close firm force is: 70 09 7 Kgf of 61 850 ~ . Can push know whole shaft coupling to be opposite round of interface between pressure is 700 970 Kgf of 618 500 ~ .

With respect to working principle character, what differ with common bolt is, taper covers the action that reachs its accessory.

3.1 implementation do not have clearance fit

Taper covers accessory to include span to cover, 6 locking pin and M8 locking bolt. In rigging a process, even ground comes back close locking bolt, can drive pin and span to cover Xiang Zhui form to cover direction to move, drive taper to cover the wedge space that toward its thin wall carries to move then. Because taper is covered inside the surface already by screw cooperate paragraph of spacing, taper cooperates meeting to covered span the axial force translate into that bring to bear on to magnify 100 times, direction is perpendicular with the surface inside its pressure, final action is opposite of round of screw inside the surface, cover in order to realize screw, taper, right annulus 3 person close together union. This process is similar to close solid to expand bolt.
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